What We Do

Working for a Brighter Future

Here at Shiksha Inc., we believe education is the key to change; however, education is not equally accessible. Before we need to address the problem and better the education system globally. 

Kalupatti School

Pictured left is some pictures of the school that created the spark in Ms. Ramanathan’s dreams to help the underprivileged children get a better education. Here you are able to see some pictures of the construction and new building of Meyappa Middle school in a remote village named Kallupatti in Karaikkudi, Sivaganga district, in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The old school was built in 1932, 80+ years ago, by Ms.Ramanathan’s great grandfather. Their family land was in very bad shape structurally due to climate conditions making it unsafe for the children. The new building construction was solely funded by family members and with the help of donations raised by Ms.Ramanathan for over two years. The new building is very secure and gives a great new environment for the elementary and middle school kids.

Partnership with Shooting Stars foundation

After years of funding Kalupatti, we wanted to take our charity one step further, directly helping students achieve the funds they need to go to school. Ms. Ramanathan reached out to the Shooting Stars Foundation and was able to become a donor. Our sponsored students for 2019, Iisted below, are able to go to law school because of our charity even in June of 2019. 

2019 Sponsored Students

Maria, also known as “Anyi”, grew up without her parents in Santo Domingo, the capital and largest city in the Dominican Republic. When her parents moved to the U.S. to realize the “American Dream”, she and her brother moved in with her grandmother and aunt. Although her parents work hard to provide the necessities, they are unable to pay for her university fees.

Without the DGL scholarship, her pursuit of a higher education while serving Young Life ministry would have been impossible.

Now, as a developing Global Leader, Anyi is studying law with the dream of becoming a lawyer after graduation. She chose law because she believes it takes people with the desire to do what is right and fair to help guide others through truth and justice.

Maria De Los Angeles

John is a bright and hardworking young man who has had to overcome many obstacles to get as far as he has in life. His mother left him when he was 6 months old and his father’s wife emotionally and physically abused him until his father was imprisoned and she kicked him out.

In spite of all this, John persevered with the knowledge that his  life will not improve without his education. Last year, a month before final exams, his grandmother, who cared for him dearly, died. Still John was able to push through and succeed.

John is now in the process of applying at the Kenyan Law School. He is always kind to others, well mannered, helpful and reliable. He wants to do law because he hates injustice and suffering and this is evident in his life and being.

John Ochieng